Monday, January 17, 2011

Developer Driven Development?

One of bloggers argues that in development process, the developer part is the most important. Not the tests nor the processes, but brilliant star-like personality.

See the post and discussion below
There has also been a discussion on Hacker News lately

Of course I fully support the bloggers opinion - developer is the key to project success. Tests and procedures are very important, but good design, and clean, simple code is much more.

Unfortunately, what I believe is most common is the Get Me Promoted Methodology (GMPM), described here. (along with Asshole Driven Development and so on ;-)

Supply and demand

The fundamental fact of the software industry is that the demand for software exceeds the supply of good programmers by about an order of magnitude.

The problem with good design is that it's good because it takes under consideration future changes and maintenance. But TDD allows for less painfull maintenance of bad code. So what does a bad programmer do? He sells quick-dirty-hack-shit to your boss and gets promoted for that over your ass.

Yeah, ever thought why bad code exists? Most people work for money, not for deep soul-clearing feeling of sending out perfect lines of holy code.
That's the sad reality besides TDD buzzword...